We have the following programs available for Corporates.

Gita in 90 Minutes

The eternal knowledge and precise expressions used in the Gita ought to be examined in the present context and interpreted through a framework that benefits all. The theory of “Guna” presented in the Gita provides such a framework. Gita in 90 minutes is a lecture on the Bhagwad Gita summed up in 1.5 hours.

Strategic Leadership

Leadership learning is a process that identifies an individual's capacity to lead people in specific task and for specific purpose. A person, who is well aware of the task at hand and its purpose, contributes towards the success of the mission. The Triguna Energy Quotient® helps you in identifying your strategic leadership qualities and your natural style of leadership.

Competency Matching

A key position in an organization is one which contributes towards its ‘Key Performance Indicators’. This position may need one or more of the following abilities: high skills, great ideas, creativity, innovation, high goal orientation, great interpersonal skills and fine understanding. Effective selection can be done only when there is effective matching. The Triguna Energy Quotient® provides information about a candidate’s abilities to perform in a key position, enabling the employer to make an informed choice.

Team Building

Team Building refers to a process of selecting individuals based on the task, establishing and developing a sense of togetherness, and trust among team members. Team members need to have skills and expertise needed for the problem they are going to address. They should possess all the necessary qualities to complement each other and they should be aware of each other's strengths and weaknesses.
The Triguna Energy Quotient® helps organizations recognize the unique strengths and weaknesses of team members and select them on the basis of required skills.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is more than an argument, or a mild disagreement. It happens on the job, between groups in our society, within families, and right in the middle of our most personal relationships. The Triguna Energy Quotient® identifies true nature of people. The knowledge of TEQ® of parties involved will provide an additional dimension to resolve the conflict. It will also help in selecting a person who may resolve an existing conflict.

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The RST Personality Quotient is meant to understand our true nature at a given point in time; think of it as a ‘milestone’ in our journey of personal growth and the understanding of others.

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