RST Personality Types

Energy Attribte Type1 Type2 Type3 Type4 Type5
Spiritual energy Spirituality Self-absorbed Conscientious Mindfulness (Growing wisdom) High self-esteem Service to mankind
Emotional energy Purposeful actions Initiator Entrepreneur Managerial Enthusiastic Passionate
Potential energy Inertia (Resistance to change) Due to "I" ness Due to Memories Due to Intellect Due to Emotions Due to Body and its senses
Transcendental energy Spiritual actions Traditional Spiritual practice Study of scriptures Devoted action Total surrender
Intellectual energy Decision making Self-interest Common good Duty based Greatest good and least harm Virtue based approach
Active energy Skills Common skills Trained skills Competent skills Proficient skills Complex skills
Vital energy Values,Beliefs and Attitude Committed Assertive Flexible Cooperative Compromising

The RST Personality Quotient is meant to understand our true nature at a given point in time; think of it as a ‘milestone’ in our journey of personal growth and the understanding of others.

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